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6 Types Of Kitchen Faucets

Kitchen faucets are a must have. If you are constructing a house or you are planning of renovating your kitchen there are many types of faucets that you can go for. Here are some of the most common ones:


They feature a spray wand that pulls out straight at you. They are common in restaurants and other food facilities. They are loved by many people as the pull-out nozzle makes it easy for you to wash food and other kitchen items. It also makes it easy for you to clean the sink.

Most of the modern pull-out faucets have the ability of turning 360 degrees allowing you to reach all the target areas.

Wall mount

From their name, these are faucets installed on the wall. They give your kitchen a custom look. They are usually installed to the wall above the kitchen sink. They come with a number of benefits. One of the benefits is that they make it easy for you to clean the countertop as there is nothing to distract you.

To properly install the units you need the services of professional plumbers and masons.

Pull down

They are similar to pull-out faucets only that they pull down straight into the sink to provide you with widespread use. They are ideal when you are cleaning or washing the vegetables. They are easy to pull down thus allowing you to easily water anywhere you want.

Fusion style

If you are constructing a commercial kitchen this are the faucets to go for. The cool thing with them is that you can install them in any part of your kitchen and still achieve the same results. Interior designers recommend that you should install them at the center of the sink in order to make them more decorative.


They are characterized by a single handle that controls the flow and temperature of water. They function through the use of two discs that open and close in order to control the flow of both hot and cold water.

Two handle

They are not only elegant, they are also ideal for homeowners who like controlling hot and cold water from separate handles.


Regardless of the faucet that you go for, you should buy it from a reputable store. As rule of thumb you should ensure that store is certified to sell the units. To avoid the chances of your faucet leaking you should ensure that it’s installed by a professional plumber.


How to Decorate Your Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Custom kitchen cabinets offer extra space for storing items and adding to the overall decor of your cooking space. You can easily adorn the space by placing vintage nicknacks on top of your cabinets. Embellishing your cupboards does not just enhance the look of your cooking area, but it also offers storage space for items that do not have room of their own in cupboards and lockers.

Antique Appliances

Use colorful and stylish antique and vintage appliances to adorn your storage spaces. An old electric hand mixer can be an ideal decoration because it does not require much effort to set up and show off. Vintage wares can help accentuate the overall appeal of the entire room. In addition, antique colanders with beautiful patterns can become striking decorations. Create a stunning after-dark effect using ambient rope lighting placed behind the colanders.

Seasonal Selections

Your kitchenette locker decor should remain the same regardless of the season or year. Consider having a specific decor for each season, such as wooden eggs or fresh flowers in a vase for spring. Autumn decorations could include a framed photo of colorful leaves propped up on an easel and real or plastic gourds and pumpkins. Allocate a space to your children for displaying their artwork apart from the refrigerator door. Although you can allow the children to decide where they can place their artwork, do not allow them to climb ladders to place the items. Rather, for safety, let them guide you from their ground position on where to place their artwork.

Colorful Commercialism

Decorate your custom kitchen cabinets using advertising found on fruit crates and spice tins. This will help you to create a vivid food-themed cupboard attraction. Select food crate advertising with bright and colorful images of fruits such as oranges, grapes, and peaches. If you decide to use the whole crate on display, arrange the crate in such a way that the label is visible from the ground level. Use open spaces between and within the crates to house potted plants, faux ivy, and sets of vintage salt and pepper shakers.

Show Off Your Interests

You can use the space above your custom kitchen cabinets as a built-in display for various items that you collect, including antique milk bottles and vintage lunch boxes. If you intend to display clear, screen-printed glassware such as milk bottles on top of your cabinets, consider putting sheets of white paper inside the bottles to make the graphics more visible. In addition, display your lunch boxes to match your color scheme for the room. Beautiful beverage bottles and gumball machines may be used as additional decor. Other items that you can use to add atmosphere your kitchenette shelves include small chalkboards with greetings or drawings chalked on them, faux fruits, and wire baskets.

Custom kitchen cabinets provide homeowners with the extra storage they need. You can use various decorations to enhance the look of your home and the space above the cabinets.


9 Decor Ideas for Envious Kitchens

It’s a normal; we envy those who have beautiful homes and kitchens. We assume that they are rich. We wish to have the same beautiful looking kitchens but don’t know how to get it in the budget. This post will help you with some smart ideas of envious kitchens.

1. Some vintage cook wares and serve wares:

Do you have some copper or bronze cook wares and serve wares? May it be kettles, works, casseroles or even glasses? Maybe you don’t admire them and prefer not to use it. A simple trick is to put it to use or display. Even if not in use, clean it up and leave it on the table or kitchen top for classy looks.

2. Add a little light:

Add a small lamp on the kitchen top. This will serve many purposes. While it will save stumbling if someone walks down the kitchen for water at night, if you add cheerful light then it will give cozier looks to the kitchen. Even if you are having a dim light late night movie time, then you don’t have to turn on lights to move around looking for quick snacks.

3. Some must have kitchen cloths:

If you have a cute looking apron, then don’t shy to display it. Hook it on the cabinet or kitchen door to flaunt it. Having a table cloths and you remove it every time after use? Leave it there. As long as it is clean it will give a fresh look. Similarly, pick up a dish towel you are proud of. Display it and replace it with you old ones.

4. Cookbooks:

Having some space in the cabinets? You can even custom-made an island to add some cookbooks you love. You can even use your refrigerator top for the purpose. These will help you with some handy recipes if you are looking to try something new while adding luxurious looks to your kitchen.

5. Fresh flowers:

Add a vase of fresh flowers on the kitchen top. This will add fresh looks to your kitchen. You can even add a small basket of fresh fruits to have the same effect. If your kitchen window or island has enough space for sunlight, add some fresh pots with growing kitchen herbs. While you are replenished with fresh herbs for your recipes these will give fresh looks to your kitchen.

6. Plate art:

Stacked with leftover single pieces of plates from the complete set and not sure what to do with them? Hang them on the wall as a decorative piece. First, mix and match them for the right composition on the ground so that you don’t end up making extra holes on the wall.

7. Kitchen chairs:

Bored with the old looks of the kitchen chairs? It’s amazing what cleaning and a coat of fresh paint can do. You can even swap them with dining chairs, dressing table chairs or from anywhere to keep the fun alive.

8. Window dressing:

You can dress your windows with classy and matching window blinds. Choose the fabric that is easy to clean because the kitchen is a place where they can be loaded with oil, grease and other stains. Prefer roller blinds for the smooth finish. If you have glowing sun or a beautiful view outside you can go for energy-efficient blinds or if the view is not so tempting then go for some other style to block the sun and its harmful UV rays.

9. Explore with chalkboard paint:

This is a new style introduced of lately. Add chalkboard paint anywhere you wish, a refrigerator, cabinet or even a small board. Use if for the menu, grocery, quotation, to-do list, reminder or any way you wish to. It is not necessary that you need to have a big budget to decorate your kitchen. It’s just the creativity and the use of existing stuff is needed. Now as you are all set with loads of ideas to start with, it’s time to style your kitchen with unique way.


Going Green With Your Kitchen Cabinets

Whether you’re remodeling an existing kitchen or building a brand new one from the ground up, choosing the right materials is crucial to creating a kitchen space that will last for years to come, and is a spot your whole family can enjoy. Kitchen cabinets are much more than just storage areas (although that is certainly a critical need they fulfill), they also create an ambiance for your cooking and dining space. Going green with your building materials can ensure you have a quality product that is healthy for the planet and for your family as well.

Look for FSC-Certified Wood

It is hard to beat the beauty and durability of solid wood when it comes to outfitting your kitchen cabinets. To find the most sustainable options, homeowners should be on the lookout for wood that is FSC-certified. The Forest Stewardship Council, or FSC, certifies wood that comes from forests, which are responsibly harvested. Buying FSC-certified wood cabinets gives you peace of mind knowing that you are getting a quality product that was harvested through means that did not contribute to the destruction or harm of habitats, animals, or local communities.

Salvaged Wood

Give old wood a second life by using it to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind kitchen cabinets. Reusing wood means that no new wood is harvested, conserving trees and forests. Consumers should be mindful of where the salvaged wood is coming from and what its previous purpose was, as some types of wood may have been treated with pesticides or preservatives, making them unhealthy choices for home interiors.

Consider Bamboo

Since bamboo regrows quickly, while also having strength and durability, it is ideal for a wide variety of applications inside the home. Seek out FSC-certified bamboo products and give your kitchen an exotic feel.

Steer Clear of Formaldehyde

Many cabinets and interior boxes are constructed of pressed wood or engineered wood products, such as plywood, fiberboard, and particleboard. These products typically contain glues or binders with urea formaldehyde, which can cause formaldehyde off-gassing in your home. As formaldehyde is an established carcinogen and is associated with other health problems, this is something homeowners definitely want to avoid. Look for products specifically labeled as formaldehyde-free when shopping for your dream kitchen.

Opt for Non-Toxic Finishes

When it comes to going green in the kitchen, it is not only important to be aware of what materials the products are constructed of, but also to be aware of the types of finishes used. To protect your home’s indoor air quality, look for finishes that are low-VOC, or no-VOC. Water-based products are a good idea, and for added protection, look for products bearing GreenSeal or GreenGuard certifications.

Remodeling your kitchen or designing a completely new space can be fun, but overwhelming. When you go green with your building materials, you can rest easy knowing you are doing your best to protect the planet and those who live in your home. Going green doesn’t mean sacrificing style, either. Today’s eco-friendly kitchen materials come in a wide variety of styles and finishes to suit any taste. So go green and create the kitchen of your dreams!